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The telecom billing solutions of VSD streamline the customer billing process and make it easier for the business to generate bills and maintain its record. A telecom company runs the risk of losing up to 60 percent of its precious customers just because of billing hassles.

Our telecom billing services integrate with your business applications giving you a quick turnaround time for your telecom business. We have delivered innovative and competent complex account structures, varied product pricing plans, pre-paid and post-paid management rating plans and aggregation of different subscription based services.

The expertise of telecom billing services of VSD also lies in the design, integration and implementation of business process automation, event billing and rendering. Our billing solution helps you to streamline your enterprise and simplify its multi- platform billing systems.

VSD telecom billing support includes solutions for VoIP Billing, Cable or Broadband Billing, Pre-paid, IP, Post-paid billing and Billing mediation solutions.