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Our clients get the crucial business edge when they outsource to VSD. We call it the Vcare Edge! We guarantee this business edge to our clients, by implementing the following best practices:

Total Quality Management with standardisation
We have a dedicated Quality Control department and stringent quality check procedures. Each software system undergoes repeated cycles of testing to ensure that it is bug-free, before its delivery to the client.

Total Time Management with round the clock operations
VSD works 24×7 to maximize the profit opportunities. We make sure that every moment is monetized and is spent in a manner that it enables us to earn more revenue for our clients. We are available to serve our clients, whether it is day or night. And naturally this helps us to achieve more, in lesser time, which means that we deliver to our clients even on tight deadlines.

Total Talent Management with capacity building
We have the best talent of the industry working for us. Our team is skilled in programming through Asp.Net, PHP and other methods. Our creative team also crafts appealing dynamic flash design. We also provisionOSS Solution and Telecom Billing Solutions through our software system. But hiring the best professionals is not enough! We also provide them regular training through capacity building workshops that enable them to stay updated with the latest technology innovations.

Total customized solutions for various industry verticals
We have experience of serving various industries and prepared software solutions as well as dedicated applications for them. The spectrum of our clients includes the financial sector, healthcare, media, e-commerce ventures and the telecommunication companies.