3 things to do before you create your website

So you are planning to launch your own website. You may choose to get it done through a professional offshore web development vendor or you may Do-it-Yourself with the help of self-help guides available on the internet.

Whatever you may choose, just consider the following things:

1. Create a sketch of what you want

Put all your imagination about the website on paper. Create a clear structure of your website in your head and then transfer it to your notepad. How many tabs do you want, how many text boxes, and where do you want to place your pictures, decide every detail.

Not just the design element, but you must also think in advance about the kind of functionality you require in your website. This is your opportunity to be creative and different from the rest. Be original and think out of the box.

2. Collect References

You may take references from websites, but never ever copy elements from another website, as it will become apparent! Your website ought to be unique, both in its appeal as well as in its content. These days the search engine is penalizing any website which has copied material from elsewhere.

3. Choose a vendor who can implement your ideas

In case you have decided to get your website designed by professionals, then you must take care to choose the vendors who are knowledgeable and experienced. They should tell you clearly, what can be practically done, and what can practically not be done. They should have expertise in creating customized E-commerce solutions through which you can directly have sales through the website. They should know how to manage the content through CMS development. And they should also know the latest and most effective ASP.Net programming and PHP programming languages. Once you have checked all these three points, then you are ready to have your own website. So go ahead and create your own space on the internet!

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