3 reasons why using Open Source Software Services makes business sense

In today’s times of proclaimed intellectual property rights, you can’t even take an image from the web and post it to your website lest it leads to copyright infringement, forget about software! The software market is monopolized by giant players who will charge exorbitant rates for their product and never ever share their secret source code with you. This will make you completely dependent on these vendors, even for trouble-shooting. As the software is a sealed product, you can’t edit it or customize it to add a few functionalities that your business wants.

So shelling out big bucks for a product which does not satisfy all your business needs definitely makes no sense. Fret not, for you have an option – Open Source Software.

Abbreviated as OSS, it is also popularly known as FOSS- Free OSS or FLOSS as Free Liber OSS. Liber here stands for liberally licensed. You guessed it right, nobody owns the license of an OSS, because everybody owns it. The source code is open and anyone can access it, edit it. This is an initiative by Open Source Initiative, an international non-profit which advocates OSS as, in its own words, ‘open source is better quality, higher reliability, more flexibility, lower cost, and an end to predatory vendor lock-in.’

VCare Software Development offers you dedicated OSS Services so that your business growth is propelled with the right software.

Here are the 5 advantages of OSS:

1.        Low-Costs

As there is no IPR entangled with OSS, so you don’t have to pay up royalties, license fee etc. You can get the software for nil or negligible price. Also there won’t be any up-gradation fee later.  

2.        High- Quality

OSS are developed by not one or a few, but thousands of geniuses from across the world. This product of collective intelligence is fool-proof and of the highest quality which humanity has achieved.

3.        Customization

As it is a transparent open code, so you can edit it and insert the functionalities that you want and develop your own tailor-made software.

So go for OSS and open the door to business success!

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